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          Baitntackle.net FAQs



Q. Do I need to register to post a report on the Reports page?

A. No, a user can post a report as a "Guest". However, if a user/business registers (100% Free) then that user/business will be allowed to post a report with their nickname and a link to your website will be added to your post (if applicable). An avatar can also be uploaded displaying your bussiness logo or just something fun.


Q. Why can't I upload my avatar?

A. Avatars MUST be in .gif format. To convert your image to .gif simply rename your image and replace the file extension to .gif

Ex. You avatar image name is (fish.jpg) change to (fish.gif)


Q. What will you do with registration infomation?

A. Nothing, we will not disclose any information to ANY third party vendor. Registering simply allows you to have a personalized presence on our website through the use of avatars, links to businesses, nicknames and profiles.


Q. Wallpapers - How do I know my current monitor setting?

A. When on the desktop of your computer, Right-Click on the desktop and choose properties. When the "Display Properties" window appears, click the "Settings" Tab. Choose the image that corresponds to your montior setting.


Q. Is the site free for Everyone?

A. YES!!! Our readers and businesses are allowed to post and advertise anything outdoor related on this site. We are constanly monitoring all information that is submitted and we will remove anything inapprpriate immediately! Users who attempt to abuse the site will have their I.P. Address blocked which will prevent that user from returning. So please feel free to post or advertise anything related to the Louisiana Outdoors.


Q. How much does it cost to post a classified?

A. FREE!!! We hope you sell your item through us and we only ask you tell others to sell their items through us as well.


Q. What is the largest Image file size that I can upload?

A.  We would prefer the your image not be larger than 2MB, but if it is don't worry! Our website will resize and post the image for you.




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